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Community Rain Gardens

Project Description


Ethos Collaborative is deeply rooted in community and has worked with numerous non-profit and neighborhood organizations over the years to help realize small-scale volunteer, demonstration, and mission-based green infrastructure projects. The following is a series of rain gardens, designed by Ethos Collaborative, primarily in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

Services Provided

  • Project Management
  • Conceptual Design
  • Costing / Performance
  • Stormwater Modeling
  • Site, Utility, Grading & Stormwater Design
  • Community Engagement
  • Plan Production
  • Specifications
  • Land Development
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Construction Administration

YWCA Homewood-Brushton

In an effort to support the Rosedale Runoff Reduction Project and in collaboration with Operation Better Block’s Junior Green Corps Members, the YWCA implemented rain gardens to reduce the site’s stormwater runoff, improve aesthetic impacts, and increase ecological function.

YWCA green infrastructure


Bioswales incorporate native vegetation to improve infiltration and absorption of stormwater from impervious surfaces such as roads and roofs.

YWCA Green Infrastructure

Rain garden

Green infrastructure helps manage stormwater runoff while adding aesthetic value to the area.

Schenley Visitors Center
Rain Garden

Designing rain gardens in public spaces is important for contributing to a positive public perception of green infrastructure.

Rain garden outside of Schenley Park visitor center

Green infrastructure

In addition to adding visual interest, the rain gardens help slow and infiltrate stormwater, which can reduce the amount entering the combined sewer system and improve water quality.

Millvale Rain Garden

This rain garden installation involved residents to help them create a new community asset.

Frankstown-Lincoln Rain Garden

For the rain garden at this site, Ethos worked closely with the the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, in addition to the City of Pittsburgh Department of Public Works, Department of Mobility and Infrastructure, Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority. The rain garden, completed in 2019,  captures and infiltrates runoff from Frankstown Avenue and Lincoln Avenue in Larimer.    

Community Partners & Sponsors

Pittsburgh Urban Leadership Service Experience (PULSE)

YWCA Homewood-Brushton

Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

Allegheny County Conservation District

Nine Mile Run Watershed Association


Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy

Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority (PWSA)

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