Elizabeth Glowczewski, EIT

Elizabeth Glowczewski, EIT

Project Civil Engineer

My personal and professional passion intersect at the implementation of green infrastructure in urban areas. I enjoy creating opportunities for others to connect with nature, so I can share my love for the outdoors and conservation. My work at Ethos is centered on taking a holistic look at urban development to include infrastructure solutions to manage stormwater that enhance community vitality by restoring and protecting the urban ecosystem. A recent park project we designed demonstrated that increasing the amount of green space can create areas of recreation, encourage exercise and reduce stress while simultaneously addressing, heat island effect, localized flooding and air and water quality.

At Ethos, I have enjoyed collaborate with community organizations and non-profits to address stormwater runoff problems and connect the fragmented ecosystems and communities. Either through my volunteer efforts or work at Ethos, I continue to increase my knowledge of the natural and technical world and believe that it should be shared and given back to the community.

I have collaborated on over five urban green infrastructure projects with a variety of responsibilities while at Ethos. I assisted in infiltration testing, grant support writing, utility coordination, submitting E&S, NPDES, Chapter 105 and Land Development permits. Stormwater management design experience includes rain garden, subsurface storage, closed drainage and stormwater bumpout surface conveyance. Assisted in the development of Operation and Maintenance manual and monitoring quantitative and qualitative performance data.

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