Matt Zambelli, RLA

Matt Zambelli, RLA

Project Landscape Architect

As a landscape architect the opportunity to weave sustainable stormwater management into both existing and proposed projects offers an opportunity to introduce additional function and aesthetics to the built environment. My experience and interest in GSI monitoring has allowed the work to double as research which has been rewarding and has allowed the design of these systems to evolve with insights. When we couple the data with the added aesthetics and ecological diversity that we are introducing to the urban environment, it becomes clear that this is noble work.

Matt has worked on dozens of GSI projects over the past 10 years in all capacities prior to working with Ethos Collaborative. His role as a Green Infrastructure Specialist at the Westmoreland Conservation District allowed for hands on experience in every aspect of GSI project development, execution, and monitoring. The District has a robust stormwater program that focused on GSI retrofits all over the county, ranging from municipal stormwater basin retrofits to urban streetscapes. Matt also developed and deployed a county wide GSI monitoring program which focuses on the real-time functionality and visualization of various GSI typologies. This work culminated in a online dashboard that visualizes the function and performance of the various GSI installations in near real-time.

During his time with Ethos Collaborative Matt has worked on GSI projects of varying scales, from individual rain gardens to urban watershed stormwater masterplans. The large scale stormwater masterplans completed and implemented have been some of the most rewarding experiences as they encompass a scale that enables them to transform the environments that they inhabit and serve.

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